Hi there! I have been looking forward to welcoming you to my blog.


This is me, while not so posing in front of the Marina Bay Sands and not so charming either. I hope you’ll enjoy my blog and photos, for further information please read the text below.

What can you expect from this blog?

As you can see from the countdown widgets at the end of this page, I will be visiting some interesting places very soon. Of course, I will write about these trips. Talking about the activities, the hotel, tips for food etc.

Furthermore, I will give an insight in my life as a student at UPM. Explaining my schedule, the time I spend during a week, about the midterms and final exams. Besides life as a student, I also post about general life in Malaysia. For example, expenses you can expect, how much rent I pay and what you actually get for it, how to find a place, stuff like that.

Please stay tuned and follow me on this journey. 

When can you expect a new post?

I will update either on Mondays and Thursdays.

It might happen that there won’t be any new post during a week, this due to me traveling and not being able to upload anything.

Where can you find what?

The posts page shows all latest posts in chronological order, if you have free time (and I have posted enough blogs) you can just keep scrolling and scrolling, till you get bored.

Under blogs you can find different categories. Yes those are the same as under “posts”, but categorised to make it easy for you. In case you don’t want to read everything, or you just don’t like scrolling down pages.. which I can imagine. So far, there are only 4 categories. It’s not a lot, but there is always room from improvement. I’m just a first time blogger and trying to figure out what “my thing” is.

Photos… doesn’t that just speak for itself? Besides being a first time blogger, I’m also a first time photographer. I bought this crazy expensive Canon 750D with 2 lenses, the number of lenses already increased.. #sorrynotsorry. I really love it, but the many buttons and functions are too difficult for now. Thus, I just enjoy making photos of the places I’ve been. You know, iPhones are really nice and everything, but a digital camera delivers higher quality.

“Quotes” was actually introduced just because I walked into the student office Thursday morning (22nd of March, the day my site was created YAY) and the amazing woman who works there to supervise the mobility/exchange students yelled at me: “MARSHAAA I was thinking about you and Daging Kunyit this morning”. Loved it so much, and she is also incredible, so I had to make a Quotes section. Why she yelled that? Well… she asked a couple of weeks ago if we were already eating some local food. Which led me to talking about the local food court at the Giant and our favourite dish; Daging Kunyit. So I sent her a photo of the food that same evening. Long story, I know, sorry. She is just so funny, it’s a bit like a “you had to be there” situation, or better; “you have to know her”. You know those times, when you tell about something that happened or so and it was super super funny, but no one is laughing. That kind of thing.

Then there is about me, for the people who don’t know me. There’s not much written over there, you just have to get to know me through my blogs.

And last but not least, if you have any suggestions, questions, whatever. You can contact me! I will reply for sure!

Explanations of terms/words I use

  1. Instead of “I”, I will use a lot of “we”. Who is “we” you might wonder? As I explained in Studying Abroad…, and then realised I should explain it in general, “we” is my boyfriend and I. We’ve been together for almost two years and are on this journey together, therefore, I will use the term “we” more often than “I”.
  2. AsiaExchange, also explained in Studying Abroad…, I am new, so instead of using the right order of first finishing the home page and then start blogging, I just mingle everything. So, AsiaExchange is an organisation helping students to fulfil their dreams of studying abroad in Asia. If you would like to know more, check out AsiaExchange. You can always just email them to get answers to your questions and definitely check out the amazing locations where you can study.
  3. I will be talking about 2 different universities. The first is UPM, University Putra Malaysia, this is the university in Malaysia where I’m spending my current semester. Secondly, Avans University or shorter; Avans is my home university. At Avans I’m studying International Business and Management Studies with a major in Cross-Cultural Management and Languages. It’s a broad programme with courses as economics, finance, marketing and languages. However, I have a keen interest in finance/accounting, explaining why most of the courses I’m taking at UPM are accounting related.
  4. to be added along the way